Sunday, 26 April 2009

Pre-hen do

I thought I'd share yesterday's experience.

I set out in the morning to what I thought was going to be a pre-hen do. My friend C is getting married in July and she wanted me to meet one of her friends who's coming to the wedding. She's been insisting she doesn't want a hen do which is why I thought this would be the do.

So I set off, get to her place just after 12.30 as agreed and press the doorbell.


Waited a couple of minutes and thought she mustn't have have heard and pressed again.

Still nothing.

Was standing there thinking, have I got the wrong day? the wrong time? the wrong place?

Buzzed again.

A couple of minutes later................"hello?"

"Hi its me"

"Oh I've just got out of the shower - come up"..... buzzes me in!

Very perplexed at this but I'll go up.............. obviously I've got the wrong day or something!

Turns out her other friend rang her last night and had a problem with her eye and needed to go to the doctor's to get it sorted out. So it all got cancelled last night. Apparently C texted me but the text never got to me.
So as I was there, we decided to have lunch, relax and catch up - I don't see C that often so it was nice to do that .
Was followed by a nice riverside walk in Marlow. I love walking in Marlow - there's something very soothing about walking by the river. I also watched the lambs playing in the field opposite and realised that it was the first time this year I've seen lambs.
So a nice day all in all even if it wasn't what I expected.
The walk must have tired me out as I went home, put on a DVD and promptly fell asleep (its a good job I don't have an account with Blockbusters!)

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